Try Not to Crack a Smile From These Christian Pick-Up Lines

Blimey Cow delivers 30 of the top Christian pick-up lines…and they are cheeeesy!

Top 30 Christian Pick-Up Lines

  1. Hey are you via sea of galilee? Because
    you’re the only gal i see.
  2. Hey yo when you’re finished dating that Jesus guy
    give me a call because i’m waiting.
  3. Why do I even need to read proverbs 31 when
    standing right in front of me.
  4. Girl are you Joshua in the Israelite army because
    I would totally let my walls down for you.
  5. Hey want to be accountability partners?
  6. Are you Thomas because I doubt I’ll ever
    find anyone as handsome as you.
  7. Are you Adam cuz to me you’re the only man in
    the world.
  8. Wow I can really see myself being
    comfortable reading Song of Solomon with
  9. Oh girl let me tell you you are breaking Old Testament
    law because you are working it on the Sabbath.
  10. You’re the kind of girl who would make Paul rethink
    the single life.
  11. Hey do you want to sit by me during purity class?
  12. Wow I would gladly sleep at your feet.
  13. You mind if I greet you with a holy kiss?
  14. Charm is deceptive and beauty is
    fleeting but that verse doesn’t apply to
  15. Is your name David because you’re a
    man after my own heart.
  16. Hey would you like to come to my small group and by
    small I mean two people and you and me.
  17. Yeah so what did you give up for Lent? I
    hope you didn’t give up on me.
  18. Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here’s the
    Book of Numbers and let’s read it daily
  19. I have this Christian marriage
    study book thing I just wasn’t wanting
    to know if you wanted to go through with
  20. I feel like I’ve been wandering in
    the desert for 40 days and 40 nights
    because you are that tempting.
  21. So you know how God set manna to his chosen
    people well I’m manna manna enough for you.
  22. Are you Egyptian because if you don’t go
    out with me I’m gonna unleash pestilence
    and place it on you and your family.
  23. I hope you believe in unconditional
    election because there’s nothing you can
    do to change the fact that I choose you.
  24. So you think you’re Peter now up because
    you denied my friend request three times?
  25. When I sold me on the idea of total
    depravity I feel totally deprived when I’m away
    from you.
  26. Are you a Pharisee because you’re
    the fairest one I see.
  27. Hey um do you want
    to not date me?
  28. You can call me Judas because I’m about
    to kiss you on the cheek but I won’t betray you.
  29. Hey I called you five times this week why
    have you forsaken me?
  30. So I know that you’ve already invited Jesus Christ into
    your heart but is there room for me?
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