This Tutu-Wearing Man Has Women Around the World Raving—And It’s Not Because of His 6-pack

For over a decade, Bob Carey has been sporting this tutu for a very special lady: his wife, Linda. Heartbroken when her breast cancer diagnosis hit, Bob turned to the 2 things he knew best: photography and humor.

To show support for his wife throughout her battle, he began photographing himself in a pink tutu in the most random locations—fields, streets, deserts, parking lots, chilling with cattle, and hanging off the sides of buildings—just for a start.  He couldn’t change the diagnosis, but he could makes his wife laugh through it…and that he did.

He’s taken the tutu to places no tutu has gone before:

(photo credit: Bob Carey)

Coney Island

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A parking lot in Arizona

Just making pals in Germany

A football stadium

Walking on water

Clinging onto a rock wall

Chillin’ with the “moo-moos”

And just standing around watching airplanes…

“When Linda was diagnosed, that’s when I went into self therapy mode,” said Carey. “That’s what I do when things are getting hard. I start making photographs.”

He knew he couldn’t reverse the cancer diagnosis, but he could make a horrible situation seem a little less horrible with just a dose of humor. And it worked. His wife has received more healing through the tutu-generated laughter than any chemo could ever touch.

“It’s just amazing to watch it happen. It’s like you know when a superhero puts on the cape, it happens. There’s a transformation there,” says Linda. “It just makes me laugh to see my husband dancing around in a pink tutu. It helps me be positive. The more I laugh, the better I feel.”

And she’s not the only one inspired and uplifted. She would show her friends in treatment who stared in awe and envy at a husband who would be so bold to do something that outlandish just to make her smile.

Now, The Tutu Project has touched thousands.

Those who may initially stare at him in shock at his apparent gender confusion, eventually melt when they hear his story.

Carey’s coping mechanism has continued to spread the most contagious cure for cancer: laughter.

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