10-Year-Old Twins Save Their Dad From Drowning Using CPR They Saw in Movies

twins save dad from drowning by doing cpr they learned in the movie sandlot

Hassig had suffered from hypoxia and pulmonary edema. Although he experienced fatigue after the incident, he’s regaining lung functioning and strength.

“I walked my dog for the first time this morning,” Hassig shared a couple weeks after the incident.

Hassig said the boys both received phones as a reward, and also to use in emergencies, given they had no way to call 911 during the terrifying incident.

That said, Hassig told his sons he wouldn’t do the underwater breathing exercises anymore. And he expressed how proud he was of how the twins saved their dad, “Remember you guys are heroes’ and I will be grateful to them forever.”

About the neighbor, Sam, he said, “Sam is such a kind and gentle kid. It’s a bond now.”

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But the twins and their neighbor friend aren’t the only ones he’s thankful to or attributes his life being saved to. He also believes God played a part.

He said, “It’s confirmation that God is always with you.”

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