This Hollywood Star Went Undercover with Underage Girls Being Sold to Traffickers

To bring everyone up to speed, just in case you’re like me and live without cable, there’s a TV show called “The Walking Dead”. Apparently, in that show, there’s a character named Andrea (played by Laurie Holden) who is the intelligent and brave leader of a group of people fighting off zombies. She is known to be opinionated but protective of those she cares about most. The show recently aired it’s finale which drew in almost 16 million viewers so yea, you could say it’s a big deal. What most people don’t realize is Andrea’s character on the show is pretty similar in a lot of ways to who she is in real life.

Andrea (here forth known as Laurie) is apart of a human rights organization called Operation Underground Railroad. The group is actually run by an ex-CIA agent, Tim Ballard, who works to take down pimps and sex trafficking bosses.

During one of her longer breaks from the set, she joined a group and went down to Colombia with the hopes of bringing down men who were trafficking underage prostitutes. Laurie, Ballard, and the rest of the group planned to throw a party at a mansion with the guise of selling underage girls to interested pimps. Laurie’s responsibility was to actually watch over the young girls while Ballard, the ex-CIA agent, coerced the traffickers into making phony transactions with him.

Hiding within the party was a camera crew as well as law enforcement. Once the transactions were made and caught on tape the police would then intervene and make their arrests.

At the end of the day, Laurie and her group were credited to rescuing 55 young girls from sex trafficking, 32 which are underaged. Watch the incredible story below:

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