This Mom Is About to See Her Son for the First Time in 5 Years—but You Won’t Believe What She Does First

U.S. Army Specialist Kyle Kracht hasn’t seen his mother in nearly five years due to his intense military schedule and training, but he’s about to surprise her—and I mean really surprise her.

This reunion is one-of-a-kind, to say the least.

When Cheri finally sees her son, Kyle, the only thing she can do is scream and run into the next room!

The emotional weight of his physical presence was so overwhelming she didn’t know how to react—so her raw emotions took charge and gave us one of the most beautiful soldier reunions we’ve seen in a long time.

Watch the full 50-second clip below.

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Our hats are off to you, Army Specialist Kyle Kracht! Thanks for sharing this priceless moment with the world—and thanks, especially, for your dedicated sacrifice and service for our country.