Utah Woman Didn’t Know She was Pregnant, Gives Birth on Flight to Hawaii

Utah Woman Didn't Know She was Pregnant

Several times in his post, Ethan talked about his baby as a blessing. He said, “Our lives have forever changed and things are going to be challenging but with faith and work it will all be beautiful.”

And it seems that the new little family is still doing well, as Ethan posted a picture of the three of them on November 28, 2021.

According to Raymond’s dad, the baby, now about six months, got “his daddy’s head.”

Daddy’s head or not, the two look happy to have this baby that was born about three months premature on a flight.

According to Jai Cunningham, who works for the Department of Transportation, “It’s not that common for childbirth, obviously cause most of the time once women get far along in their pregnancy doctors kind of advise them against doing such things cause you’re on a plane for five, six, seven hours.”

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That said, the Delta staff was prepared when the woman gives birth on flight because a spokesperson told reporters, “Our crews are well trained to manage a number of on board medical scenarios. Every aircraft is equipped with medical equipment and crews have access to expert counsel during flight when an issue occurs.”

If you would like to help this family pay for the unexpected medical costs, Lavi’s sister set up a GoFundMe, with a goal of $20,000 that has not yet been met.

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