Unwanted Baby Boy Is Snatched From Teen Mom at Birth—48 Yrs Later, They “Match” Online

After getting pregnant at 17 during the Vietnam war, Thuy-Nga Thi Nibblett gave birth to her son, Kirk.

The baby was born out of wedlock, and the father was American, which deemed Kirk as an “unacceptable” addition to society—specifically, by Thuy-Nga’s own father.

Immediately after giving birth, Thuy-Nga’s baby was snatched away from her. All she knew was that that her child was a boy.

By the age of two, Kirk was adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage. He grew up believing his birth parents had both died in the Vietnam war.

For the next almost-five decades, Thuy-Nga turned to God in prayer that he would one day lead her back to her son.

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She signed up for a DNA match website in 2015, hoping her son may somehow do the same.

Now a husband and father in his 40s, Kirk was reluctant to search for his birth family. It took two years, but finally Kirk’s wife was able to convince him to sign up.

Within just days of submitting his information, Kirk received a message from his mother. They instantly “matched” on the family finder site. She was alive, and after 48 years, the pair was going to meet!

“I just prayed and he answered,” Thuy-Nga says. “Keep continuing believing, because sooner or later, God’s going to open that door.”

See their beautiful reunion in the video below, where Thuy-Nga squeezes her son’s neck for the first time, and praises God with everything she has.

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