This Viral TikTok Is the Best Thing to Happen to Christian Movies Since ‘The Passion of the Christ’

joseph the dreamer

Regardless of what brand of ‘movie buff’ you are, there’s one genre that most with any level of taste for rich plot line or acting will avoid like the plague: Christian movies.

Outside of extraordinarily rare outliers like The Passion of the Christ, we basically already know what we’re getting into before the intro credits even roll. The characters are 2-dimensional, the “moral of the story” is painfully cliche, and the storyline chalks up to a yawn-worthy level of predictable. Let’s face it, when it comes right down to it, Christian movies kind of suck.

Well, my friends, those days are done.

UK-based filmmaker Joseph the Dreamer has officially BLOWN the Internet away with a work of cinematic art that has finally done this underdog of a genre justice.

We’re talking cinematography, direction, screenplay–and, of course, acting–delivered at Oscar-level caliber here.

Alright, alright, enough of the dramatic build-up already. Just go ahead and click play and prepare to be AMAZED.

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How many times have you watched it? You can’t stop right? I, for one, will have this playing on my computer background all day for my daily dose of Jesus juice.

For the unfamiliar, the one-minute clip is a riff on a TikTok by Casey Frey that went viral last year. But this rare Christian parody is obviously so much more glorious for All. The. Reasons.

The coat. The too-tight-to-breathe skinny jeans. The hairdryer! The perfectly accompanying mane of an ebony stallion. And dat chest pump doe… Need I go on?

Not only is Joseph the Dreamer clearly a TikTok master, he’s also got all sorts of other great Christian content on YouTube—including “Stuff Christians Say: Pandemic Edition.” Keep an eye on this guy. We’re expecting great things.

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