Couple Says They Have No Money for Tip—Waitress Collapses When She Realizes Their Real Plan


Waitressing is often a thankless job, full of long hours and bad tippers—but Chelsea Roff is one server who refuses to let an under-tipped bill steal her joy.

But don’t let her pleasant demeanor fool you into thinking she’s had an easy life. This strong woman has raised her sister since she was little and has even battled a life-threatening eating disorder to boot. On top of waitressing to make ends meet, Chelsea now operates her own non-profit to help other girls beat their own eating disorders through the help of yoga, a practice that played a crucial role in her recovery.

The employee of Spring St. Smokehouse walks around the restaurant every day with the same radiant glow and a heart of gold, even when people like this young couple let her know they have no money for a tip.

Little did Chelsea know, her unchanging smile and gracious attitude would soon pay off in a way she never expected. And these two weren’t the only ones in on the #PrankItForward that was about to change her life forever.

The owner and waitstaff of Spring St. knew that if anybody deserved a break, it was this hard-working woman right here.

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Watch as they orchestrate ‘The Best Shift Ever’ with a crew of strangers, for a beautiful girl deserving of every blessing these BIG tippers had to offer…

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