“From One Exhausted Mom to Another”: Mom’s Raw Confession to a Walmart Cashier Goes Viral

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This mom made a raw confession that has everyone buzzing! You know those annoyingly flawless Supermoms whose perfectly groomed, well-mannered children paired with their own unshakeable composure just make you feel like the scum of the parenting world?

Raw Confession: Cierra Lyn Fortner is not that mom.

Which is why she felt the need to clarify the appearance of her “got it all together” status once and for all. Just last week, a cashier at a local Walmart noticed that Cierra always seemed to have her mom duties in order with her sharply dressed, well-behaved children in tow. By all public appearances, she was NAILING this mom thing.

But something about the woman’s comment was unsettling for Cierra. Though she didn’t mind the flattery, she couldn’t help but know that deep down, this kind stranger couldn’t have her more wrong.

“I just thanked her and giggled because that’s far from the truth, but as I drove home there was more I wanted her to know about me,” wrote Cierra.

In a viral Facebook post, the brave mother vulnerably made this raw confession about the messy truth behind the facade. Since it was posted, Cierra’s message has been shared by nearly 90,000 mamas who now feel encouraged to embrace the power of the imperfect, “exhausted mom” whose perfect love for her children kicks Supermom’s butt ANY day:

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Today I was at Walmart doing my weekly Friday shopping when the cashier says to me “I see you in here all the time, your kids are always dressed cute, behaving and you just seem to have it all together” at the time I just thanked her and giggled because that’s far from the truth but as I drove home there was more I wanted her to know about me.

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I want her to know I battle a personality disorder everyday with anxiety and depression mixed and I’m a two times suicide survivor.

I want her to know that I can’t always get myself up off the couch to feed them anything more than frozen pizza and cereal.

I want her to know that my son is late for school 3 out of 4 days because I regularly forget what day and time it is, despite the toddler size calendar in my kitchen.

I want her to know I have those “I’m losing my s%#$” moments when I have to lock myself in the bathroom and cry.

I want her to know I wasn’t always the most active mom because I use to work 80 hours a week and go to school full time and Jayce spent many days and nights with his grandparents.

I want her to know that I hadn’t washed my hair in 3 days and my kids hadn’t had a bath in 2.

I want her to know that I was trying to hurry out of there because I had forgot the diaper bag at home and Brenton was hungry.

I want her to know that once we got to the parking lot the “well behaved” child decided to stand up in the cart and I wasn’t paying attention and barely caught him as he almost hit the concrete.

But most importantly I want her to know I don’t have it together and may never have it all together. I don’t know a mother out there that has it all together but everything we do is done with love for our children and that right there makes you the perfect mom and in our children’s eyes we most definitely have it all together.

From one exhausted mom to another, you’re doing great, have that melt down, let your kids eat the crap out of that cereal and take care of yourself always.

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