“He’s Peeing. Are You Serious?!”: Romantic Proposal Goes Hilariously Wrong in 7 Seconds Flat


Hardly a week goes by where some epic proposal isn’t sweeping the Internet for its grandeur, creativity, or downright hilarity.

And the proposal of Kevin Przytula to his girlfriend Allyssa certainly fits comfortably within that last category. Even after envisioning the perfect spot and execution, Kevin’s well-intentioned “romantic” proposal went downhill FAST.

As the saying goes, “When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.” And Allyssa’s son Owen took that to heart almost as soon as the camera started rolling.

A mere 7 seconds into the proposal, nature called — and he ANSWERED.

As the beautiful moment unfolded between Kevin and Allyssa, the couple was completely oblivious to Owen’s antics transpiring behind them. Once the videographer started cracking up laughing, attention was quickly drawn to the panty-dropping scene tainting a perfectly good proposal.

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“He’s peeing, are you serious?!” said Kevin, alarmed by the fairy-tale setting gone awry.

But as far as the Internet is concerned, little Owen’s unabashedly hilarious attempt to turn a public sidewalk into a public restroom whilst forever marking his mom and daddy-to-be’s proposal memory with a stream of pee was MORE than worth the laugh.

Wishing this newly engaged couple a wonderful future together full of just as many smiles and unexpected laughter!

Kelsey Straeter
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