Watch the Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Christian Film That Got a 10-Minute Standing Ovation

Mel Gibson is no stranger to breaking the mold for Christian films, as his 2004 release of Passion of the Christ can attest to—and his latest film may just be his biggest yet. The movie has been over a decade in the making, but the reaction it ignited proved it was certainly worth the wait.

In its red carpet world premiere at the Venice Film festival last night, Hacksaw Ridge received a ten-minute standing ovation from critics, according to Deadline Hollywood.

The film’s plot centers around a soldier named Desmond T Doss (played by Andrew Garfield) whose strong Christian faith fuels his pacifism during World War II. It’s based off of the true story of a war hero who was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving dozens of wounded soldiers. Doss ultimately saved 75 men in Okinawa with out firing a single bullet.

Doss felt that his faith did not support him killing in battle, but he knew he could not deny his orders to serve and defend his country. Though he refused to fight with weapons, his courage and bravery screamed louder against the enemy than any of his peers.

The soldier was initially shamed, criticized, and even beaten up by his fellow comrades, but he quickly earned their respect in ways they never could have expected. His gentle strength, love for his neighbor, and fearless faith are woven throughout the entire film that is already being considered a possible Oscar nominee.

“A lot of attention needs to be paid to our warriors; they need some love and understanding. I hope this film imparts that message. If it does nothing but that, that’s great,” said Gibson.

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Gibson intends to continue his work in faith-based films, and his next movie is likely to be a sequel to Passion of the Christ based on the Resurrection, according to a report by Christian Today.

Check out a two-minute clip of this power-packed film in the official movie trailer below. Hacksaw Ridge will be released in U.S. theaters on November 4th, featuring co-stars Vince Vaughan, Hugo Weaving, and Sam Worthington.