The Heartbreaking Reason Why Brides Are Having Their Wedding Dresses Cut Into 17 Pieces

You don’t need a Pinterest board to know that wedding dresses are special.

Most women search for months to find the perfect dress for their special day. Many even spend upwards of $5,000 or more on that one-of-a-kind gown.

After the wedding day, most of those long white dresses get stored away in a pretty box, and kept for future generations.

It seems pretty silly, spending so much money on a dress, only to wear it for a few hours and then tuck it away inside of a box.

As a way to get more “life” out of their dress, many women are now donating their once-used gowns to organizations that make “angel gowns.”


One of those women is Justi Bates, who recently shared her personal story on Facebook, writing:

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“Today, I received my wedding gown back. I sent it off earlier this year to be made into angel gowns for babies that don’t make it home from the hospital, and I’ll be donating them to the NICU at Vanderbilt. 17 little gowns were made from my dress, and as beautiful as they are, I pray they are never needed.”

Angel gowns are specifically created for newborn babies who have passed away often because they are stillborn or born very premature and don’t make it. With the intention of crafting something comfortable and dignifying, angel gowns are most often made out of recycled wedding dresses.

Rather than buying an outfit only to bury their child in it, parents who suffer infant loss are often given an angle gown. It generally saves them from facing the heartbreaking task of shopping for a child who has passed.


Angel gowns can be made out of any material, but the idea behind using recycled wedding gowns is important. Most wedding gowns carry some sort of emotional value. They’re associated with happy moments and full hearts. The goal is to pass on a small piece of that happiness to a baby who never got the chance to have it.

Wedding gowns are also generally made out of the finest materials, and usually come adorned with lace, beads, pearls—something pretty that is special. Using these additions brings a small sense of beauty to a tragic loss.


Most wedding dresses are made from a LOT of fabric and materials. Because of this, a single wedding gown can make multiple little angel gowns.

For brides, deciding to have their wedding dress crafted into angel gowns is an easy one. It brings even more meaning to an already memorable item, and offers a better alternative than storing away an expensive box for the rest of their lives. Newlywed brides can help to bring comfort to those who need it, even though many hope that their mini-dresses are never needed.


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