What God Would Say to the Rejected Woman


My journey with rejection began at a young age. It began with an earthly father who didn’t want to be my dad, and it continued into adolescence where I trudged through school as the weirdo, outcast, the square peg who never fit in just right. The mantle of rejection followed me into college with a string of fruitless, broken romances, and it stuck around throughout my twenties because I never seemed good enough. It culminated with a big fat divorce, complete with my feelings like I bore the Scarlet Letter D on my chest for all to see.

The path of rejection, no matter where it starts, takes on a treacherous trek for any person who unknowingly begins to walk in it day by day. It takes on different outward appearances as you go. For some it carries a cloak of depression, for others low self esteem. It manifests in titles like anorexia, obesity, or promiscuity. It delights in negative habits like alcoholism, addiction, and the inability to trust in scary words like love. Regardless of the root cause, this lie digs its claws in deep, and escape sometimes never occurs. You exist within the jaws of rejection, a tasty morsel for the Prince of Lies.

You may never hear over the roar of hurt, betrayal, and pain the voice of truth that whispers constantly, but if you did, this is what it would say.

What God Would Say to the Rejected Woman

You are mine. My beloved. You can never run too far for my hand to rescue. 

Your name is beloved. It’s not unloved. Your name is daughter; it’s not loser, trash, or even whore. You aren’t ugly, fat, or even plain. But you are my lovely child. 

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You come from a royal priesthood, and as a child of the One True King, you are royalty as well. You are a princess. 

You’re not your past. You’re not your present. You’re not even your future fear. You’re what I have destined you to be, and no mistakes you make can take you from my graces. 

You’re not what others see, what others say, or even what they think. You’re not the deserted daughter, abandoned lover, or even the discarded wife. You’re precious. You’re precious in my sight. 

You’re not your failures, you’re not your triumphs. Your character isn’t based on what you can or cannot do. It’s measured by my perfect love that dwells within you, so you can relax about putting on the perfect front. I see your heart, and made in my image, when I look at you I see perfection. No front required. 

Your worth will never be based on who has left you, lied to you, hurt you, or even betrayed you. It’s based on the one who died for you. And who would have done it just for you. 

I formed you, perfect in every detail, and no one on this earth can take you from my loving arms. No distance is too great to close, no hurt too harsh to heal, no lie too massive to be made into truth, no mistake too large that it cannot be mended. 

Begin to see yourself as a child of the King. Walk in your lofty title, bask in its beauty, and go forward triumphantly in your royal robes of righteousness. You are my beloved, and because of that perfect love I have for you, rejection has no place. 

1 Peter 2:9 ESV

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Song of Solomon 6:3

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. 

Brie Gowen
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