White Mom Yells at Black Man to Stop Cutting Her Grass—When He Refuses, She’s in Tears


With the heart-wrenching news of mass shootings flooding our social media feeds, it’s beautiful to see a story of love and light break through the tragedy.

Every once in a while a man like Johnny of Taylors, South Carolina restores our faith in humanity with an act of kindness that’s simply too sweet to ignore.

Hoping to make a little cash by cutting his neighbors’ grass, Johnny was going door-to-door asking if he could mow lawns.

When he came across the front door of Helen Bell, his offer was met with an amiable but firm “no,” as the struggling mother didn’t have enough money to afford the service at the time.

However, a couple of hours later, Helen heard a loud buzzing outside, and she noticed Johnny was in her yard cutting the grass.  Though she ran out yelling for him to stop, the persistent stranger shook his head ‘no,’ and just kept on going.

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When he revealed the reason why he was doing it free of charge, Helen was instantly brought to tears.

In the words of Johnny, “The news doesn’t report the black neighbor helping out the white neighbor because it isn’t good for the network to make money.”

Sadly, he isn’t too far off. But Faithit is a media outlet out to change that.

Read Helen’s account of this heartwarming story that transcends racial boundaries for the sake of good ol’ fashioned kindness below: 

“EVERYONE. This man came into my yard a couple hours ago and offered to cut my grass for a certain price. I didn’t have enough money today to afford that on top of everything else, and I told him to come back in a week.

A few minutes ago, I hear a loud noise outside of my house. I opened the door and noticed that he was cutting my grass. I went running out to him and yelled for him to stop… he shook his head no. He told me that he saw my kids playing in the yard and was worried about snakes being in the grass and biting them because the grass was too tall.

I again told him to stop because I couldn’t pay him. He said that he didn’t need to be paid, he had grandchildren and that he hoped someone would look after them in the same way.

I was brought to tears. I hugged him. We talked about different struggles we’ve had in life and he told me that this is what the news doesn’t report. He told me the news doesn’t report the black neighbor helping out the white neighbor because it isn’t good for the network to make money. I told him that he has a good heart. I told him I wish more people on earth were like him.

We hugged again. He is still outside cutting my grass and it’s dark now. I am so grateful to have him as a new friend.

His name is Johnny and he lives in Taylors, South Carolina. He cut my grass for free tonight because he was worried about my children playing outside in the tall grass. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves.”


**This Facebook post was written by Helen Bell and originally appeared on Love What Matters

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