Why I Don’t Care About Same-Sex Marriage–But Still Love Jesus

As most people know, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage last week. Now there are two reasons that this bothers me that I feel like might be relevant to Christians all over the world.

It seems as though this topic only has extremes. If you’re against gay marriage then you hate gays; if you’re for it then you’re tolerant and must not love Jesus. It seems as though there is no room for the actual Biblical response. Doesn’t God love us while we sin? So why would we not love a homosexual even if they don’t acknowledge God’s design for marriage?

Even though I’m hated, I’m going to stand here in the middle where I do believe marriage is meant for a man and a woman. I also believe God has called me to love homosexuals as if their sin held Christ on the cross with the same debt that mine does, you know, like the Bible says. Their homosexual sin isn’t any greater than my heterosexual lust and their need for Jesus is the EXACT same as mine. The consequence of sin is separation from God, not condemnation from peers.

With every rainbow covered Facebook profile picture I’ve seen I turn a little more hulk green. My news feed feels like one big advertisement for skittles. My big question for us is how in the world, of all the battles to fight, did we pick this hill to die on? A 13-year-old girl is getting raped right now as you read this but that’s not as important as two guys having a piece of paper proving they love each other? A 5-year-old boy just died of starvation but we’ll get to that once we’re done fighting with someone who hates Christians to get them to become a Christian.

Here are 2 mind-blowing facts for you:

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There are almost 15 million Americans who identify themselves as part of the LGBT community.

According to ABC News, there are 260 million Americans who profess to believe in Jesus Christ.

This tells me that, in theory and in a perfect world, social media would be dominated by the concerns of Christians. If Christians were most passionate about fighting slavery, then my newsfeed would be full of fundraisers and videos creating awareness about sex trafficking. Even if you believe in Jesus and are okay with same-sex marriage, how can redefining union be more important than the lives that are actually living in oppression? At what point do we pick battles that are worth fighting for? Can you imagine how many people would turn to follow Jesus if Christians were known for fighting poverty instead of legalities? If we used Facebook to give a voice to girls enslaved in sex trafficking instead of condemning those who don’t know Jesus.

I’m afraid of being one of the people Jesus actually fought against, like the Pharisees who used words and rules to elevate their status above their peers. Jesus, help me to use my Facebook and my life to love you and pursue others with the purpose of sharing your heart.

Love Jesus. Pick your battles. I’m not saying don’t care about same-sex marriage I’m saying WE, CHRISTIANS, have the power to turn our nations focus on to what really matters.