Panicked Wife Throws Away Diamond Wedding Ring & Leaves a Note on Parked Garbage Truck—Trash Man Miraculously Retrieves It

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When it comes to a woman’s worldly treasures, there’s hardly an item more prized than her wedding ring. Not only is it the symbol of her holy union to her husband, but it also tends to cost half a year’s salary… So it’s no surprise that losing it can create quite the cavernous pit in your stomach.

As a 10-year-old child, I found out that I had thrown my Mom’s wedding ring away when I was a toddler. I cried rivers upon realizing what I had done as an oblivious 2-year-old, apologizing profusely for my heinous act. My mom comforted me sweetly, saying “Oh honey, it’s okay, you were just trying to pick things up and be clean.”

Her reasoning helped a bit, but the idea of it still haunts me to this day.

But it is consoling to know that my mama certainly isn’t the only one who’s had her diamond tossed in the trash. According to a viral story sweeping the web, one New York City woman accidentally threw out her diamond ring—but the tale of its redemptive retrieval is almost TOO good to be real life.

Bob 106.9 posted the rom-com-movie-worthy story on his Facebook page this week:

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“On Sunday a woman in New York City accidentally threw out her diamond wedding ring. She realized it in the middle of the night, and did the only thing she could think of, she left a NOTE on the windshield of a parked garbage truck.

When the garbage man got to work, he read the note, dug through tons of garbage, and FOUND her ring.

The driver’s name is Gary Gaddist, and he went through the garbage HIMSELF. It took him about an hour, but he was able to find the garbage bag with paint rags in it and when he ripped it open, he found Danielle’s ring!
Here’s a great picture of the two of them!”

This adorable smiling photo says it ALL.

ALL the kudos to this sincere, determined gent of a garbage man who truly found a diamond in the rough—or shall I say “rubbage”—that day.

Gary, every woman who’s ever lost (or tossed) her wedding ring salutes you.

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