‘Without You, There’d Be No 3am Panic. I’d Be the Same Size I Was 6 Years Ago’: Mom Admits Without Her Kids ‘I Wouldn’t Be Me’

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“Without you, there’d be no dishes in sink.

There’d be no dirty laundry.

There’d be no texta drawings on the wall.

Without you, I’d be the same size I was 6 years ago

There’d be no wider hips

No stretch marks

No bags under my eyes

No hair in a bun.

Without you, there’d be no 3am panic

No sleepless nights

No postnatal depression anxiety and depression.

No fights with daddy of who does more

No interrupted conversation.

No scrambling for date nights and bribing someone to watch you so we can love each other again.

Without you, life would be how it used to be.

But without you, I wouldn’t know love.

I wouldn’t know the deepest kind of love

Without you, there’d be no heart explode feeling when I watch you sleep

No endless laughter when you try to say ‘truck’ and get it wrong

No smiles that make my cheeks hurt

Without you I wouldn’t have bear hugs that touch my soul.

Kisses that feel like shooting stars

And snuggles that make me feel whole.

Without you, I wouldn’t know the strength my body has.

The love my heart could build

The power my mind can yield

Without you, I wouldn’t be me.

Some days I wonder what it would be like without you, and even if I could have the sleep-ins, the perfect body, the cleanest house, the extravagant date nights, I’d still want you. I’d still choose you.

Because without you, there isn’t the best kind of laughter, the best kind of happiness, the best kind of love.

Because without you, there’d be no joy.

So even though there are days I’ll wonder if it would all have been easier without you, I know that I’d take the harder, the chaos, the exhaustion, all of it, because without you, there is no me.”

**This post was written by Laura Mazza and originally appeared on her Facebook page. See more from Laura here

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