Viral Tik Tok Video Reveals How Woman Married a Homeless Man and They Now Are a Happy Family of Four

woman fell in love with homeless man

It’s a love story that seems like it’s come right out of a movie. But this one is true and it’s chronicled in a couple viral TikTok videos. A young woman met the love of her life on her way into a grocery story one day. He was a homeless man and she’d tried to help him. Here’s how the woman married a homeless man, and now a couple years later, they’re a family of four.

The Story of the Woman Who Fell in Love With and Married a Homeless Man

Jasmine Grogan was just grocery shopping one day, when on her way into the store, she noticed a homeless man and stopped to help him.

“Met a homeless man one day doing my food shopping. Offered him money, he wouldn’t except it…”  Jasmine wrote in her viral TikTok story of how she married a homeless man.

When he refused the money, Jasmine went on with her business, picking up some food for herself in the grocery story, but her mind was still outside with this homeless man.

She explains, “I went inside continued to do my shop, couldn’t stop thinking about him…”

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After she finished shopping, she returned outside, hoping to see him again.

“I went outside and ask if I could help him in any way,” Jasmine wrote in a TikTok video that shows pictures of the two of them. “He said no. he asked if (I) wanted help putting my shopping into a taxi.”

Jasmine said she agreed to take his help.

After the man helped her into her taxi, Jasmine says she offered to take him for a meal since he wouldn’t except money.

“I asked if he wanted me to get him something to eat,” she explained. “He was embarrassed but he said yes and we went for some dinner.”

And this was the start that led to them falling in love.

In her viral video, Jasmine writes, “We had a long talk about (his) life. I went and bought him a little phone so we could keep in contact.”

Watch Jasmine explain why she says “there was something different about him” in her TikTok video about how she married a homeless man.

@jasminegrogan1 The best people come unexpected 🤍#foryoupage #homeless #myman ♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

According to Jasmine, she got him a hotel after their dinner and she went home, but they kept in contact now that he had a phone. She explains, “I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

He texted her to say thank you. In her TikTok, she shows screen shots of their text messages.

He said, “You’ve made my day thank you so much for everything, you are amazing can’t stop thinking about you xx.”

She responded, “You don’t have to thank me I can’t get you out of my mind either xx.”

After that, Jasmine asked the homeless man out to lunch, and she found some clean clothes for him to wear. Her video shows some of the first outfits she gave him. After that, the relationship continued to grow…

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