Woman Takes a “Pretty” Picture of the Sunrise—But Then She Sees What Shape the Light Is In…

A picture of sunlight piercing the clouds in the shape of a cross has gone viral after a Michigan woman snapped it on her way to work. The real kicker: she had no clue the cross was even there until she got to work that day.

When Michelle Loraff noticed the beautiful pillar of light in the sunrise, she decided to pull over and get a picture. It wasn’t until she got to work that she saw the cloud intersecting the pillar and reflecting the sunlight to form the breathtaking cross.

Since Michelle has posted the picture to her Facebook page, it has been shared millions of times…


Many have commented that they felt the presence of God radiate through this work of art that He placed on the canvas of Mother Nature. Though the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, of course a few skeptics have argued that it was photoshopped.

Loraff has laughed off the criticism considering she has no idea how to even operate the photo editing software.

Upon seeing the viral reaction to the powerful photo shared on Facebook and her local weather station, she realized that she really did capture Mother Nature “at her finest.”

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Watch Loraff’s interview with “Fox & Friends” here:

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