Two Women Became Pregnant at an All-Female Prison— by Transgender Women

women became pregnant in all women prison

How Two Women Became Pregnant in an All-Women’s Prison

But the other obvious new issue as a result of these mandates requiring prisons to house transgender women in women’s facilities, is the potential for the inmates to have sex while in prison. While this result may seem like a given to readers, when the two women became pregnant by having sex with transgender inmates, the reality became impossible to refute.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail out of the United Kingdom reports that Edna Mahan has been found to have insufficient cameras and a mattress was found in a storage room that did not have a surveillance camera. It is unknown how often this is occurring in the facility, but it does pose an additional risk to women in the facility.

The Daily Mail also reported that two other women had filed a lawsuit in 2021, in an attempt to remove the policy that allows transgender women to be housed at all-women’s facilities. They claimed that they were aware of several sexual relationships between cisgender and transgender women.

The two women became pregnant reportedly through consensual sex with one or more transgender women (it is unclear if the two women were pregnant by the same transgender woman). The identities of the two women became pregnant have not been disclosed.

So how is the public reacting?

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TMZ posted the news to Twitter, and the comments show a range of reactions, some of which are concerning.

One commenter posted, “So if I’m convicted of a crime I can say I’m a woman and they’ll put me in a woman’s prison???”

Only time will tell how Edna Mahan addresses some of the issues that have arisen as a result of this policy.

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