WATCH: Lysa TerKeurst Posts Husband’s Wedding Renewal Vows in Emotional Instagram Video

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After enduring what she called the “hardest battle of [her] life” in trying to save her disintegrating marriage, Lysa TerKeurst has now experienced the sweet redemption of God in her once-doomed love story.

After citing her husband Art’s problems with infidelity and substance abuse, the Proverbs 31 president announced she would be pursuing a divorce last summer.

Lysa asked for prayers for her ministry, her estranged husband, and her broken heart as she trudged through the most tumultuous time of her life.

And a year and a half later, those fervent prayers bore amazing fruit on the beautiful December day that she and Art renewed their vows to one another.

“Never doubt we serve a God who still does miracles,” wrote Lysa earlier this month. “In the middle of the work He did from the devastation in my marriage, nothing looked like I hoped and everything felt impossible. I prayed a million suggestions to God that never ever came to be. And the number of tears shed in the process about leaked the life out of me. But all the while when I saw nothing, God was doing something. And in His way and His timing, new life came.”

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Just a few days ago, Lysa also shared a sneak-peek video of their emotional wedding vows on Instagram.

“I wish I could have invited you all over to our house on this day,” wrote Lysa in the video’s caption. “But at least we captured a bit of it on video. Love you… and appreciate you more than words can express.”

Art first expressed how his wife’s Christ-like love and forgiveness showed him the love of God more brilliantly than he’d ever seen before:

“The way that you have loved me with grace and forgiveness gives me an undeniable understanding and perspective of how much God loves me. And what He did for me on the cross, you have lived out in my life. You never gave up. You disarmed all of the dark with your grace and with your forgiveness.”

“You, Art, are the great love of my life,” replied Lysa. “I’ve never known love like this apart from you… and I never want to know this love without you. ‘Together’ is my favorite word for us. And what a together we have.”

I pray that this sweet couple once stricken by grief, sin, and brokenness may be a shining example for hurting marriages everywhere by reflecting that NOTHING is beyond the repair of our Almighty God.

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