Teen Laughs at 69-Yr-Old Man Who Can’t Get Off the Toilet—But This Stranger’s Viral Response Restored His Faith in Humanity

Sometimes people just need a little bit of help. After all, we are all here to live in community with one another. Marcus Pass knows as well as anyone that we have a duty to love each other and treat people with respect.

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So you can imagine the disappointment Marcus felt when a young guy in a chicken joint took the time to laugh and joke about a man in need, rather than go help him out.

Marcus wrote on Facebook:

”Eating lunch at Zaxby’s and overhear some young man laughing about an older gentleman in the bathroom that couldn’t get off the toilet.”

He made his way to the restroom where he could hear the older gentleman crying.

“I ask him if he’s ok; he said that his legs were too weak to stand up and he left his cane by the door.”

Without even thinking, Marcus asked the man to unlock his door. He immediately helped him back to his feet, and got his pants up for him.

The man was wearing a hat that said “Vietnam veteran” across the front. He fought for our freedom, and this young guy that was out there making fun of him wouldn’t even give him the time of day.

He hugged Marcus and with tears in his eyes told him that he’s 69 years old and that was the most embarrassing moment of his life.

The two shook hands and thanked each other—one for everything he’s sacrificed for our freedom, and the other for simply taking the time to care for another.

Marcus then walked the man out to the restaurant lobby where he made the teenager—who was making fun of him before—apologize to his face.

“Moral of the story: Getting old is inevitable, but being a complete [jerk] to a stranger is not.”

Thankfully, what was meant for evil, God turned around to use for good.

Since Marcus posted his power-packed message on Facebook, it’s been shared over 45,000 times, reminding people around the world to take the time to simply be kind.

I pray we all carry Marcus’ morsel of wisdom with us today. 💛

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