10 Ways to Save Your Marriage & Make It Last

4: More Quality Time

Nothing replaces quality time with your husband or wife. There are no shortcuts, and no substitutes. We all know this, but the busyness of life can make it difficult. Make this a priority by setting aside time to be together now, when the year is young.


Mark off 1 weekend a month where you do something new together (it doesn’t have to be expensive; be creative)

Plan 1 date night per week if possible. Coffee, ice cream, frozen yogurt, whatever. Just get in each others space and be emotionally intimate.

5: More Godly Community

Who are your friends? Are you serving in your church? Do you regularly attend a church together?

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Your marriage is your ministry, but you also need friends who are alongside you and helping you grow. Be intentional about your friendships, by nurturing a good blend of “input” friendships (those who help you grow and encourage you) and “output” friendships (those who you are ministering to and pouring into for their benefit).

6: Less Television

This can be such a time waster. We’ve recently moved and have decided not to own a TV, and it’s great (except when football is on). How would your life be different if you removed the television from your daily routine? At least consider limiting your TV time in the coming year, and replace it with more intentional activities that build your life and marriage.

7: Less Social Media

Social media isn’t intrinsically bad, but it can be a time waster. We can also fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others in unhealthy ways, especially since you only see a glimpse of the best moments in your friends lives. Consider limiting your time on Facebook, Instagram, and the like by being mindful of your usage.

Selena and I have removed a few apps (FB, etc) from our phones to facilitate this, and it’s uniquely liberating. Perhaps you can do the same for a season?

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