15-Yr-Old “Too Overwhelmed With School Work” Runs Away, Leaves Disturbing Note for Parents

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Today, the education system and parents alike are putting more and more pressure on children to be straight-A honors students who excel in every aspect of life. The days of just allowing “kids to be kids” are done, and 15-year-old Thomas Kolding is living proof that the pressure is cracking our children.


New Jersey police are now searching for the teen who disappeared last Tuesday after withdrawing $1,000 from his savings account and leaving a disturbing note stating that he did not want to be found. He also left without his cell phone, as reported by Crime Online.

The totally unexpected disappearance allegedly occurred right after the bright freshman boy who takes honors courses at Mountain Lakes High School got into an argument with his father, Nicolai Kolding, regarding his grades. Thomas’ parents feel that their son had “gotten too overwhelmed with school work” and thus decided to run away.

According to the Daily Record, Thomas was seen last in his house in Mountain Lakes on October 30.


“He is a wonderful, resourceful, and far-too-adventurous young man who we are worried about beyond words,” wrote his mom, Aleksandra Kolding, on Facebook. “Please keep spreading the word and tell all to look for a very LARGE BLACK BACKPACK he has on him – I think that’s the telltale sign for those that don’t recognize him.”

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My good friends Kolding’s son Thomas has gone missing from NJ since last Tuesday. Last traces had him at Penn Station. I…

Posted by Kevin Tranbarger on Monday, November 5, 2018

The Morris County Prosecutor’s office recently shared a picture of what authorities believe could be Thomas. In the footage taken at the Walter Rand Train Station in Camden, New Jersey, he is featured wearing an orange and black striped shirt with a blue Adidas backpack, though his parents said he left with a black one.


“Kolding is a [15-year-old] white male. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He weighs approximately between 100 and 115 lbs and is five foot three in height,” read the Facebook caption, in part. “Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call Mt. Lakes Police at (973) 334-1413.”

Thomas’ dad said that he was encouraged by seeing the footage, as it looked like his son was “safe” and “in control.”

“We believe he is safe, but we still have a long way to go,” he stated. “We’re buoyed by the news. We’re heartened by it. This was a very important sighting, and it looks as though he’s in control.”

In trying to give [a] further description of Thomas’ characteristics, the teen’s mother explained, “He walks with a purpose, not strangely fast, but just someone who is going somewhere… If anyone sees him (especially those unfamiliar to him) think of him and talk to him like a 25-year-old not a 15-year-old.”

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Thomas Kolding, please contact the Mountain Lakes Police Department at (973) 334-1413.

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