17 Totally Epic Parenting Fails That WON the Internet—for Obvious Reasons


Y’all, let’s be honest, when it comes to the parenting game, we’re all a little hopeless. Despite our best efforts, we’re sure to leave a kid at the grocery store or forget to pick them up at school on any given day of the week.

And if you’ve never done it, just wait. Your time will come.

These days the best way to make the most of even our most comical parenting fails is by sharing them on Facebook. Not because you need CPS on your doorstep, but because there’s something comforting in knowing that you’re not the only parent to have ever mixed up pajama day and picture day!


Check out this compilation of the best #ParentingFails on the Internet.

This little girl who has no idea:

When you gotta go, you have got to GO!

Wait, stop! #nevermind #toolate #pottytraining #parentingfail #dadfail #donttellmom

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This little girl who told her teacher that there’s “a lot of WEED” at her house…

This parent who treated their daughter’s bloody nose with a “cotton stick”…


“My Daughter’s Nose Started Bleeding In The Car And This Was The Only Thing I Had Handy…She Called It A ‘Cotton Stick’”

This kid who’s clearly impressed with mom’s parenting:

This little girl who turned her brother into a tasty treat…

This dad who initiated #ParentingFails in the first hour…

Wasted no time in committing the first of many parenting fails

Kourtney Kardashian is ALL of us opening the car door…


This kid who is now traumatized for the rest of his life…

And thank goodness for washable paints!

This mom who was kindly informed of the LEMUR on her daughter’s head at the zoo…


This mom who got a little carried away with the Snot-sucker…

When momma messes up with #nasalaspirator #oliverknox #babysales #morning #parentingfail #momfail #boogers

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These kids who are squeaky clean thanks to mom checking her emails…

“We’re Good Parents, I Swear…”


This #ParentingFail that was accidentally caught on camera…

My girlfriend randomly took a couple pictures of me at the grocery store. Only later did we notice…

And of course, these travelers who take flying to new heights…literally!

Cheers to the wonders of parenting my friends. It’s good to know we’re not alone!

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