Girl Tells Teacher “We Have a Ton of Weed at Home”—& Her Explanation to Dad Has the Internet Cry-Laughing

Imagine walking into school to pick your daughter up, only to walk out with a teacher ready to raid your home for a drug bust.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Dax Holt went to get his daughter Skylar on what was quite the “eventful” school day—to say the least.

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The adorable little redhead from Los Angeles raised some eyebrows when she candidly told her teacher, “Weed is not good for you and we have a lot of it.”

Her follow up statement that they “grow a lot of it” was certainly no less concerning for the alarmed educator.

But thankfully, a sense of humor is one thing this dad is not lacking. In an effort to get his daughter to expound upon her “weed story,” Dax patiently recorded her as he asked a series of questions.

The oblivious Skylar opened in saying, “Weed is not good for you, because weed is stuff that is like grass but it’s not, it’s weed.”

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Courtesy of Dax Holt

Well THAT explains it! Duh, dad.

As the amused father pries into the psyche of his little girl whose naive innocence nearly got him in BIG time trouble, he hilariously gets to the bottom of this not-so-tall tale.

Turns out, Skylar was right…sort of. Watch as Dax and Skylar bring this adorable discrepancy to light in their infectiously funny home video that has the Internet ROLLING in laughter.


My child’s teacher: “So Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home.”
Me: “Umm”
Teacher: “She said you’re growing it.”

Posted by Dax Holt on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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