2-Year-Old’s Hilarious Rant About the Struggles of Motherhood Is Scary Accurate


While being a mom may be a blessing, it is NOT a job for the fainthearted. From the stink-bomb diapers to the relentless cries for Scooby Snacks and story time, the incessant needs of our little ones require round-the-clock attention. Well, one two-year-old just got a taste of her own medicine when she realized that taking care of her baby doll is just “TOO much work.”

In her hilarious bathtub rant, little Mila Stauffer unleashes her frustrations about this noble job we call motherhood by letting the world know that she is “TOTALLY annoyed with [her] baby.”

“I’m hungry. Change my diaper. Wah, Wah, WAH. Change your own diaper baby. I’m just a kid!” 

“Mila has discovered the joys of motherhood at the prime age of 2,” her mom Katie captioned the viral video that has now been viewed over 15 million times since it was posted.

Leave it to a toddler to lay down the struggles of motherhood like a PRO in 44 seconds of hilarious perfection.

Kelsey Straeter
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