6 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Ugly Without Saying a Thing

your wife

You may believe your wife is the most stunning woman alive, but there are a few common things even the best men do that can leave the woman they love feeling unattractive.

Men, this article is not to shame you — it’s to help you steer clear of these things.

My husband makes me feel ugly when he:

1. Fails to compliment her efforts

You are the one person on earth whose opinion she values most. Your wife needs to know you think she’s stunning both during the times she makes [an] extra effort (i.e., takes a shower rather than just using dry shampoo), and the days she’s sick in bed.

If you’re not noticing out loud how beautiful she is, she’s likely interpreting your silence as disapproval.

2. Praises another woman with words you’ve never used for your wife

If you are referring to a woman as drop-dead gorgeous, and you’ve never used such powerful descriptions to describe your wife, it’s devastating to her.

She knows you find other women attractive, and for the most part, she’s OK with that. But when you emphatically compliment another woman, your wife feels like you are comparing her to that woman and she’s the one not measuring up. Your comments may be innocent, but it’s a dagger in your wife’s heart.

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