6 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Ugly Without Saying a Thing

your wife

5. Does a double-take when another woman walks by

We know you’re wired to notice and appreciate beauty, but please learn not to gawk.

Similar to the reasons explained in complimenting another woman, you cannot understand how deeply it hurts your wife to see you check out another woman. (And trust me: She notices, even when she doesn’t say anything.)

6. Peeks at his phone while I’m talking

Make eye contact with your wife when she is talking to you. It sounds simple, but it’s a common problem.

If you’re staring at your phone while she’s talking, she’ll start to wonder what’s wrong with her — even if you’re only checking ESPN for the halftime score. Couples who have a conversation with a phone nearby reported less trust in their partner, and a lower quality relationship, according to a University of Essex study.

Help her feel beautiful by prioritizing her over your Facebook feed.

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To be fair, feeling beautiful is complicated, and you alone can’t convince her that she is. Only your wife can develop her inner confidence, but you can do a great deal to damage or build her up in these subtle ways.

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