Robbers Raid Dad’s Home—Then His 8-Yr-Old Posts a Letter for When They Return

In the time it took for her family to drive across town, Wendy Chay Son’s childhood was shattered. A burglar targeted their home, waited until they left and then ransacked the premises, stealing many of the family’s belongings.

Heartbroken by their loss, Wendy just cried. Then she took matters into her own hands. The 8-year-old from Lake Worth, Florida, wrote a letter “for the robbers,” which her father found taped in their home’s front window.


“Please do not steal in our house. There are good kids and people in this house. We are people that do not steal. We are sad that you have been stealing in this house.”

Wendy reminded any future robbers just how much work went into earning the belongings that her family had.

“You are not the only one who has feelings. We all do. Right now I feel sad that you robbed our house. My dad is working so hard and you are not. You are just stealing stuff.”

Then the second grader goes full world-changer on these robbers, writing:

“Tell me why you are stealing and I will help you be a good person.”

Feeling like these robbers might not have learned the principles she did, Wendy offers up some sound advice for the robbers and their future.

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“You think this is a joke but it is not. If you start being nice you will have friends that will be nice to you. If they are not nice just go with somebody that is nice.

I hope you will have a better life.


Her letter went viral and stole the hearts of the Internet, which led to the launch of a GoFundMe campaign, started by some of their neighbors. Their hope is to raise money to help the family replace items that were stolen, and show them that they are not alone.


Wendy’s note included a post script on the side that read, “I hope you will change and be good. God will forgive you.”

Wise words from an 8-year-old who knows how to set an example for those who might otherwise look down on her. You go girl! We’ve got ourselves a #WorldChanger.

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