WATCH: Depressed Security Guard Says Mark Wahlberg Changed His Life in a 2-Minute Conversation

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We’ve talked about Mark Wahlberg at in the past, regarding how his mother’s faith inspired him. It seems that the propensity to inspire has rubbed off because now it’s Mark Wahlberg inspiring others. According to a depressed security guard who was working on a movie set, Mark Wahlberg changed his life in just a short conversation.

The Depressed Security Guard

33-year-old Jamie Humphrey was going through a hard time back in 2019. At the time, the depressed security guard was working on the Infinite movie set, which released in 2021.

The father of five children from Sittingbourne, England, had been working as a security guard for nine months when the chance encounter, where he says Mark Wahlberg changed his life, occurred.

Just four years earlier in 2015, Humphrey had experienced a traumatic event that led to drug and alcohol addiction, as well as depression for the next four years. The experience of witnessing his grandmother pass away had impacted him so deeply that he began to self-medicated and was struggling to find a way out.

That’s when his dad, Kevin, stepped in and helped him get a job as a security officer in the movie industry. While this was a step forward, he was still self-medicating and struggling with mental illness.

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That’s when Mark Wahlberg stepped in, and today Humphrey is a successful actor.

Watch Jamie Humprey on his YouTube channel here:

How Mark Wahlberg Changed His Life

Of course, Wahlberg didn’t know Humphrey. Wahlberg just happened to walk by him on the movie set. Here’s how Mark Wahlberg changed his life:

Humphrey recalls, “Basically, it all started when I was doing security for a film on set, and I ended up bumping into Mark Wahlberg.”

It was the 2-minute conversation that Humphrey had with Wahlberg that led him to begin acting. To be more exact, according to Humphrey, it was seven words Wahlberg said.

What were those seven words, exactly?

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