9 Reasons Jesus Hates Religion (And You Should Too)


Hey, I know what you are thinking. And I agree with you. I am just as tired of the religion versus Jesus conversation as you are. I mean, how many ways can you milk a cow (don’t think too hard about that)?

And, let’s be real, at its very core Christianity is a religion. By definition, religion is “an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods.” Sounds like Christianity, right? 

But by that definition, almost anything can be a religion. Atheism. Islam. Marriage. Get the idea? 

You see, saying religion and Christianity are two sides of the coin is theoretically true, but it’s not true in reality. It’s true on paper, but not in life. It’s like saying Duke (or Wisconsin) will win the National Championship in basketball because it has the best team on paper. Everyone knows stats and conclusions based on paper don’t win National Championships.

The same is true with Christianity. Christianity is much more than a set of beliefs used to worship God. Christianity is about a person, and his name is Jesus.

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Religion breeds wars. Jesus breeds love. Religion says try harder. Christianity says stop trying. Religion says reach up to God. Christianity says God reaches down to us. This is why another post about religion versus Jesus is necessary. We need to be reminded. Often. While Christianity is a religion on paper, it is much more than a religion in reality.

Maybe you have drifted towards religion. Maybe you have always lived there. Maybe you have been hurt by religious people masquerading as Christians. Maybe you want to know how to love God more intimately and follow Jesus more passionately. Regardless, the dividing lines between religion and Jesus are clear.

Here are 9 reasons Jesus hates religion (and you should too).

1.) Religion sees people as the enemy. Jesus sees sin as the enemy.

Religion turns every argument and disagreement into an “us versus them.” Religion doesn’t allow for dialogue or open communication. Righteousness is based on knowledge and works, so righteousness is a product of self, not God. And when righteousness is a product of self, everyone must think like you. It breeds pride and arrogance. This is why religion causes wars. The more someone disagrees with you, the more offended and upset you become. Eventually, the anger and pride pour over into persecution and even murder.

But true, authentic Christianity has never started a war. It has never killed another person. Jesus didn’t come to draw battle lines between people. He came to draw battle lines between God and Satan. He came to destroy sin. Because sin is the enemy, not people. Too many times Christians fight the battle against the wrong enemy. Jesus loved people. All people. Even those who hung him on a cross (Luke 23:34).

Any action, thought, or decision that doesn’t view sin as the enemy is fake religion.

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