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36 Christmas Verses to Inspire Your Holiday Season

The true spirit of Christmas is captured in the celebration of Jesus' birth. That's why we've compiled this list of Christmas verses from the Bible to inspire your holiday season. These Bible verses for Christmas can help you prepare your heart before the big day.

A Stanley Thermos Survived a Car Fire – The Company Responded by Replacing More than Just the Mug

Suffering a car fire is terrifying as well as devastating, but TikTok user Danielle's car fire also lit up TikTok in a viral way she was not expecting after her Stanley thermos survived the blaze.

36 Inspirational Steve Harvey Quotes to Encourage Your Heart Today

In addition to comedy, Steve Harvey has long been known for his inspirational speaking, which is rooted in his Christian faith. We’ve compiled some of the best inspirational Steve Harvey quotes and quips to encourage your heart today!

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Why You Should Not Have a Private Relationship With God

"I’ve run into a lot of people in my life who seem to think that their relationship with God is for them to know and for others to not worry about."

9 Reasons Jesus Hates Religion (And You Should Too)

Religion says showing grace is dangerous. Jesus says, “I know.”

When #RelationshipGoals Just Don’t Cut it Anymore

"When #RelationshipGoals don't cut it anymore, what are you left with? How do you see through what is flashy and fleeting?"

Decades in the Making: Childhood Sweethearts Get Engaged Over Chick-Fil-A Chicken

When it came time to ask his girlfriend of nearly two decades for her hand in marriage, this boyfriend was not one to "chicken out."