94-Yr-Old Buys 5 Seconds of Air Time on TV to Give a 3-Word Message


At 94, Shirley Batchelder has lived a full and wonderful life—like the George Bailey kind.

She was married for 57 years to the drop-dead-gorgeous, curly-haired man of her dreams. With three children, grandkids galore and lots of visitors, Shirley regularly enjoys the company of her loved ones.

As she approaches 100, she still paints portraits in her free time and leads her retirement home in game night with her Vanna-White charisma.

With pink socks on her feet, pink flowers in her hair and a pink bed to match, she’s pretty much the cutest, coolest grandma on the planet.

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Of the many blessings showered upon her, “I have had a fantastic life,” says Shirley.

But there was still one thing left on her bucket list…

She wanted to buy a five-second ad on television to give a three-word message to anyone willing to listen.

She reached out to WSMV in Nashville to see if she could make this happen, but instead, WSMV Channel 4 News decided to honor her wish free of charge and offered her ample time to release the three little words she’d been waiting decades to say on TV.

So what three words could warrant buying pricey commercial time to give a message to strangers? And what was it that Shirley wanted to say so badly that it was worthy of being the last thing she wanted to do before she died?

As she stared into the camera for her long-awaited five seconds of fame, she simply said:

“Love one another.”

What a profoundly beautiful way to wrap up a bucket list.

And if you or anybody else you know needs a little extra love, she’s extended an invite to come visit her at the Steeple Chase Manor retirement home:

“Just walk in the front door and say, ‘I wanna see Shirley.’ There’s only one Shirley here. That’s me.”

Well, now Shirley’s bucket list is complete, but she says ultimately it’s up to you what you do with her message. The endearing 94-year-old has done her part.

Now what will you do?

Sharing this story with a friend who needs a little lovin’ would be a good place to start.

Let’s keep Shirley’s five seconds alive.

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