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‘We Have No Visible Finish Line’—The Case for Why Moms Are so Burnt Out

This is why moms are always so quick to snap. This is why we are so sensitive. Because we are desensitized. We are numb. We are so beyond burnt out.

14-Year-Old Boy In Foster Care Asks For “A Home and People That Love Me”

What Darrious hopes for most is a family, and a place to call home. He is currently in foster care and lives with other foster kids in a group home.

Jill Duggar to Dad Jim Bob: “You Treat Me Worse Than My Pedophile Brother”

A new, scathing memoir by daughter Jill Duggar Dillard released this week, and an excerpt published in People Magazine shows that it does not portray Jim Bob Duggar in a positive light at all. 

Christine Suhan

Christine Suhan is a wife, stay at home mother to three wild toddler boys and writer/creator at www.feelingsandfaith.net. She has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and enjoys helping people through openly and honestly sharing her journey of life, recovery, mental illness, marriage, parenting and more. You can also find her on her Facebook page.

Dear Christians, Stop Saying “Everything Happens for a Reason”

I spent years searching for answers, trying to find reasons that would bring an end to my pain. I thought that if I could find the cause, I could treat the condition.

To the Man Who Video Taped a Toddler Screaming as Her Mom Overdosed on Heroin

What not to do when you see a helpless child crying for her mother...

I’m a Christian Mom. And I’m Probably Raising 3 Drug Addicts.

"I pray every day that you won’t have to fight this war to know life as we now know it. That you won’t ever succumb to the demons inside, as they try to convince you that life is not worth living. I pray that you will never experience the depth of pain that daddy and I did."

I Love My Husband—But My Expectations Almost Destroyed Our Marriage

When we had our first child, it became painfully obvious to me how often I lived with a sense of entitlement and a list of expectations.

Suicide: We Could Have Prevented It

"People around them act shocked. They are devastated. They say they didn’t see it coming; that they couldn’t have prevented it. But WE could have prevented it."

I’m a Mom of 3 Boys. This is What Happened When I Quit Being an Adult for a Day.

Being a grown-up sucks. But hiding isn’t much fun either. So Friday, I decided on a middle ground. I was going to spend my day living as if I were a child.

5 Phrases I Will Never Again Say to My Children

It’s hard to admit all of this but I know that writing it down and sharing it will keep me accountable. I want to give my boys the best possible chance at growing into confident, independent, successful men and it all starts right here, right now, at home, with me.

Dear Christians, Stop Saying “Everything Happens for a Reason”

“How could this possibly be God’s will?”