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8th Grade Teacher Requests Period Products for Students, Her Community’s Response is Overwhelming

An eight grade teacher from Austin, Texas is overwhelmed by the generosity of her neighbors this week after receiving “well over 300 boxes” of period products for students who don’t have access to them.

Watch This Mom Listen to Her Daughter’s Heartbeat One Last Time. It’s So Powerful It Left These News Anchors in Tears

Taylor died in a tragic ski accident at 13, but her heart was donated to save the life of a mother in Phoenix. Watch as Taylor's mom listens to her daughter's heart for the last time.

“I Know Their Names”—School Resource Officer Warns Parents About Sex Trafficking & How Our Kids Are Being Groomed Online

A high school resource officer has spent years observing first-hand the ways our children are being groomed for sex trafficking online. It starts young, it's relentless, and it's happening right under our noses.

Donna Jones

A national speaker and pastor’s wife, Donna Jones travels the U.S. guiding women to the wisdom they need, for the life they want. She’s the author of Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God and Taming Your Family Zoo, and has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows including Focus on the Family and Good Day Dallas. Donna’s a sucker for strong coffee and cute shoes. She’s the proud mama of three wildly funny young adult kids, who frequently sit on her kitchen counter, just to chat. Connect with Donna at www.donnajones.org or on Instagram @donnaajones.

The #1 Struggle Facing Christians Today

How could I possibly know our biggest struggle? Because I’ve heard the same universal thread whispered by pastors’ wives, and prodigal daughters, and everyone in between.

How to Talk to Your Kid, Teen or Young Adult About God

"Spiritual conversations haven’t always been easy for me. This might seem like an odd confession from a Bible teacher and pastor’s wife. But it’s true."