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How a Popcorn Kernel Nearly Cost 41-Year-Old Adam Martin His Life

Discover the harrowing story of Adam Martin, a 41-year-old firefighter, whose life-threatening infection from a popcorn kernel stuck in his tooth led to open-heart surgery. Learn about the importance of dental health and timely medical care.

This Hospital Dance Party Between a Baby Cardiac Patient and His Amazing Pediatric Tech Will Melt Your Heart

Prepare to be moved by the incredible story of Blake Sheffer, a baby cardiac patient, and his dedicated pediatric technician who dance together daily in the hospital. Their joyous dance parties bring hope, laughter, and resilience to Blake's recovery journey.

Tinder Couple Who Exchanged Messages for 3 Years Finally Meets on ‘Good Morning America’

Discover the heartwarming story of Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, a Tinder couple whose three-year-long message exchange went viral, leading to their first meeting on 'Good Morning America.'

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What if God Doesn’t Want You to FEEL Close to Him?

"I simply want to dare you to change something. It may be the simplest yet the hardest thing you have to change, but I'm going to dare you to change it, anyway."

Actually, Yes, I AM a Princess

"Daughters of the King are worth that. Not always deserving of it, but always worth it."

To the Wives Who Have a Hard Time With “Submission”—This Is What the Bible Really Says…

"Before we get all bent out of shape over the submission part, we also have to look at the type of leadership God calls men to so that we understand what this is saying in the right context."

10 Easy Ways to Love Her Well and Be a Better Boyfriend, Fiancé or Husband

"Biblical leadership is not dominance, it's service. Love her as Christ loves and as you love your own self."

How to Overcome Comparison: An Open Letter From a Recovering Perfectionist

"Perfectionism and pride aren't just reserved for the retouched photos. They take root in the heart and can mask themselves in all sorts of ways."

3 Godly Ways to Resolve Fights With Your Husband (When You’d Rather Punch His Lights Out)

"The last time my husband and I got in an argument, I noticed my blood starting to boil. After a few minutes, I noticed my Bible was in my purse, near my feet. As we drove on in awkward silence, I thought about opening it and just reading 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 out loud."

To the Girl Who Hates Her Legs (or Anything Else About Herself)

Maybe you’ve heard phrases like, “Jesus loves your hot mess” or “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Maybe you’ve been told that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) and really love the idea but have a really stinking hard time believing it.