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12-Year-Old Girl Dies by Suicide After Being Relentlessly Bullied and Harassed at School

After facing relentless bullying and harassment over the past school year, 12-year-old Flora Martinez ended her life on May 7. Now, her parents are demanding change from schools and administrators after the bullying persisted, even once she was gone.

One Year After 26-Year-Old Wife Dies of Cancer, Husband Finds Redeeming Love After Loss With Young Widow

After his wife Maddy died of cancer at just 26 years old, Chandler David Smith was left grieving an unimaginable loss and navigating what it looked like to be a single dad. In his grief, he found new and beautiful love with a young widow and mother of three.

Florida ‘Safe Haven’ Baby Graduates High School, Reunites With Firefighters Who Received Her 18 Years Ago

Eighteen years ago, when she was just one day old, a baby named Colleen was surrendered at a “Safe Haven” box in Clermont, Florida. Now, as she successfully graduates high school, Colleen is reuniting with the firefighters who were with her on that fateful day 18 years ago.


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Fed-Up Mom Says, “I’m Done Trying to Raise a ‘Well-Rounded’ Child”—And Maybe You Should Be Too

"I looked at his wiggly body, and in a rare moment of clarity, I realized neither of us were happy."

Why It Matters That the Little Mermaid Is Black

"My friend didn’t understand the big deal. She 'doesn’t see color.'"

Dear Husband, Please Don’t Give Up on Us

"I’m gross. I’m exhausted. If one more person touches me, I might lose it. I wonder if at some point it will seem easier to put in extra hours at work instead of coming home to an exhausted wife who seems to be barely holding it together?"

An Open Letter to Moms Against Minivans, AKA, a Letter to My Former Self

"Don't throw shade before you ride a mile in another mother's swagger wagon..."