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36 Christmas Verses to Inspire Your Holiday Season

The true spirit of Christmas is captured in the celebration of Jesus' birth. That's why we've compiled this list of Christmas verses from the Bible to inspire your holiday season. These Bible verses for Christmas can help you prepare your heart before the big day.

A Stanley Thermos Survived a Car Fire – The Company Responded by Replacing More than Just the Mug

Suffering a car fire is terrifying as well as devastating, but TikTok user Danielle's car fire also lit up TikTok in a viral way she was not expecting after her Stanley thermos survived the blaze.

36 Inspirational Steve Harvey Quotes to Encourage Your Heart Today

In addition to comedy, Steve Harvey has long been known for his inspirational speaking, which is rooted in his Christian faith. We’ve compiled some of the best inspirational Steve Harvey quotes and quips to encourage your heart today!

Suka Nasrallah

Suka is a published author who speaks raw and unfiltered truths people only dare think about. Her journey through life and motherhood gave her the courage to share her experiences with others in hopes of empowering those around her. Sarcasm is her second language and she plans on removing the word “mom” from the dictionary; maybe this way her kids won’t yell it every waking minute of every single day. She has been published on large platforms like Scary Mommy, The Today Show and Her View From Home as well as writing her first book: Unfiltered Truths of Motherhood: Captive & Captivated.

‘We Have No Visible Finish Line’—The Case for Why Moms Are so Burnt Out

This is why moms are always so quick to snap. This is why we are so sensitive. Because we are desensitized. We are numb. We are so beyond burnt out.