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How a Popcorn Kernel Nearly Cost 41-Year-Old Adam Martin His Life

Discover the harrowing story of Adam Martin, a 41-year-old firefighter, whose life-threatening infection from a popcorn kernel stuck in his tooth led to open-heart surgery. Learn about the importance of dental health and timely medical care.

This Hospital Dance Party Between a Baby Cardiac Patient and His Amazing Pediatric Tech Will Melt Your Heart

Prepare to be moved by the incredible story of Blake Sheffer, a baby cardiac patient, and his dedicated pediatric technician who dance together daily in the hospital. Their joyous dance parties bring hope, laughter, and resilience to Blake's recovery journey.

Tinder Couple Who Exchanged Messages for 3 Years Finally Meets on ‘Good Morning America’

Discover the heartwarming story of Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, a Tinder couple whose three-year-long message exchange went viral, leading to their first meeting on 'Good Morning America.'

Susan Narjala

Susan Narjala works for a non-profit in India that supports the education of underprivileged children. She is also a freelance writer and has been blogging for several years at Alliteration Alley. Her writing has appeared in Relevant magazine, Her View From Home, Parent Co, Huffington Post India and the MOPS blog among other sites. Connect with Susan on Facebook.

Moms, You Are Not Enough

“Mama, you got this. You are enough.” My heart sank when I read the last lines in an article on a leading website for Christian mothers. My heart sank, because it was my article.

The 2 Words That Can Change Your Way of Thinking

They will change your perspective from being a parent obsessed with just how crazy-hard your life is to one who acknowledges your abundance.

My Kids Don’t Need Me

"I should be relieved. This is what I wanted, right? The independence, the freedom, finally being able to do what I want to do? Maybe not."