Babysitter Knows Mom Is “Paranoid” After Her Baby’s Death—So She Texts Her This Picture

This 15-year-old babysitter in Lakeland, Florida, is winning the Internet after a photo of her creative ways went viral.

Claudia Sorhaindo is part of a large family that lives close in vicinity to each other. Her niece, J’Ann, is one of 17 grandchildren, and Sorhaindo often uses her as a babysitter for her 2-month-old daughter, Ava, because of her experience looking after her younger cousins.

She says J’Ann is CPR certified and has aspirations of becoming a heart surgeon.

Last week, Sorhaindo left baby Ava with J’Ann for a while, and it wasn’t long before the 15-year-old was faced with a dilemma: She wanted to make a sandwich, but did not want to let Ava out of her sight.

J’Ann’s predicament resulted in some wild photos being texted to Sorhaindo while she was out.

The hilarity was too good not to share!

Claudia Sorhaindo

“So I had to run out the house for a quick min, so I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava. A few min later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight. Lord send help this was her solution…creativity at its finest.”

The photos show J’Ann making a sandwich while 2-month-old Ava is “hanging out,” contently IN her shorts! J’Ann’s younger sister was able to capture the funny moment. They knew it would bring peace to their aunt’s mind knowing that everything was OK.

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16174472_10154396051380735_430589287741804372_nClaudia Sorhaindo

“J’Ann knows how protective I am with Ava,” said Sorhaindo. “Some might say I’m a little paranoid. I’m always checking to see if she’s breathing, so J’Ann showed me she is making sure she is keeping her eyes on Ava.”

Her over-protectiveness isn’t just “first-time mom syndrome” In 2011, Sorhaindo’s 3-month-old daughter, Jenelle, died after a medication mix-up at a hospital near their home in St. Croix. After learning that she was pregnant with Ava, Sorhaindo and her fiance moved to the United States with their two other children, to be close to family and quality medical care.

Being able to laugh with her family has provided healing to Sorhaindo’s grieving heart like she never could have imagined:

“They have helped me so much—if it weren’t for my friends and family I might have gone crazy. (When my daughter died) doctors offered me depression medication and I refused it because having a family like mine—I won’t have the chance to ever get depressed.” Sorhaindo

Sorhaindo says the funny photos made her entire day. She shared them because she thought they would make her friends and family laugh. Little did she know, the entire Internet would be sharing in their joy too.

“I am very thankful for having Baby Ava in my life because I thought I couldn’t have any more children,” she said. “And to see [these photos] brings tears of joy to my eyes.”

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