Babysitter Says Kids Are “Awful” & She’s Charging Double—Mom’s Response Has Internet Roaring in Laughter

It’s never a good sign when your phone rings in the middle of date night.

Either the kids have burned the house down, someone is choking or the dog ran away again. Regardless, a phone call at dinner when you’re away from the kids always has a way of leaving a lump in your throat.

Unless of course you’re “Mama Needs a Nap” blogger, Lauri Walker. Because when it’s date night, ain’t nothing gonna get in the way of a good meal and time away from the kids.

“Last night the sitter called us in the middle of dinner to say we needed to hurry home because our kids were out of control and awful,” Lauri wrote on Facebook. “She told me she never wanted to sit for us again and she was going to charge us double because they were so terrible.


“I said, ‘Look, Mom. You asked to have them over. They’re your grandkids, but I’ll be there in an hour if you really want me to.’”

Her humorous account quickly went viral, amassing thousands of shares and comments from moms who can relate to the babysitting struggle ALL too well.

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