6th Grade Boy Came Home in Tears After No One Signed His Yearbook–Then Some Older Kids Stepped Up and Changed Everything

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The Boy Was in Tears, but Some Kids Came Together in Support of Him

Ridder received an exciting text message from her son the following day.

Courtesy Cassandra Ridder

“Facebook this,” he said, and included a picture he’d taken of his now filled yearbook.

Ridder explained, “He had messages from eighth graders and even 11th graders.”

And those kids who went out of their way to fill up Brody’s yearbook with encouraging messages really made Brody’s day.

Just some of the messages that filled Brody's yearbook.
Courtesy of Cassandra Ridder

“Brody’s exact words to me were, ‘This is the best day ever,’” she said. “Some kids even put their phones for Brody to contact them.”

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Some of the messages Brody received were:

“Brody — you are the kindest little kid. You are so loved. Don’t listen to the kids that tell you different.”

“Brody – You are literally so sweet and I hope you have the best seventh grade ever.”

“You are amazing…”

“Hey Brody never stop being you…”

“Hey buddy, never change, never put your head down.”

“He dude. You’re freakin awesome. Stay that way.”

Watch Brody talk about the impact on him, as well as some of the high schoolers who stepped in, on this news report:

These kids who stepped up are wonderful examples for us, and for our kids, to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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