Mom’s Heartbreaking Story of Her Son’s Tumors on His Face Moves Many to Help

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On the GoFundMe page she writes, “I’m raising money in order to go towards a purchase of a home and other expenses our family endures, to ensure that Amare can make every doctor appointment.”

She writes, “He’s a miracle in my eyes and will always be my angel. We are appreciative to anyone who donates to support our family.”

She goes on to explain that some of the specific medical costs will be for chemo medicine and corrective surgeries “that he may be able to live a more normal life.”

Kandice’s goal was $120,000. And the response has been astounding, even though it’s only been about a week.

As of January 8, 2022, more than $406,000 have been donated by over 11,000 people, with donations from $5 to $20,000 that was given by an anonymous donor.

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The list of comments from donors is also extensive and written from all over the world. One donor said, “I know with enough money and exposure there are doctors out there that would be able to help this beautiful boy. And I wanted to help even in this little way to support this mother who is carrying this load all alone.”

Another donor commented, “Amare is inspirational. Kandice you are his light. Much love to you both.”

Many people offered prayers and support. Yet another encouraged Amare on his journey saying, “Amare…Stay strong! You have a ‘village‘ of supporters near and far! Take care and keep the faith! God is ‘Great’!”

In the video posted by Born Different, Kandice explains that she wants to focus on helping Amare to have a better life and she doesn’t want her worries about paying for Amare’s medical bills to be a distraction that takes her from that.

She said that her son “inspires me in so many ways. He’s enthusiastic about everything. He doesn’t let anything get him down, really. I just only hope that they find something that can really help him tremendously down the line that can maybe even take all the tumors all away. That would be a blessing right there.”


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