Mom’s Heartbreaking Story of Her Son’s Tumors on His Face Moves Many to Help

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On January 1, 2022, Born Different posted an episode in a series on Facebook about a mother and her son. The mother launched a campaign on Gofundme to raise money to help her pay for treatment for her son’s tumors on his face, and the public’s response has been astounding.

One Mother’s Campaign to Help Her Son With Tumors on His Face

Amare Stover of Alabama was been through a lot since the day he was born. His mother, Kandice Stover, explained that he has a genetic condition called NF Type one. It’s incurable and it causes tumors all over his body. According to his mom, he has one of the worst cases known, and although he was taking chemo and he will probably start taking it again, the doctors had paused it to see if they would go down. However, they have gotten worse since he’s been off the chemo over the last year.

Watch the video made for Kandice’s campaign to help Amare:

Kandice explains that “He’s normal just like any other little boy,” even though people don’t look at him like that due to the tumors on his face.

The tumors on his face have gotten worse as he’s gotten older, and they’ve begun to obstruct his sight. Kandice explains that he can only see out of his right eye currently because of the tumors on his face.

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As the tumors grow, life becomes more difficult for Amare. Kandice said, “The last time I took him to a park. There were some kids that told him he looks like a monster. And he hasn’t been back to that park ever since. So I had to tell him that he’s not a monster.”

She explained that because of the reaction of people in the public, he’s doesn’t get out of the house a lot. She explains that he plays with his cousins, EJ and Lewis.

Lewis said, “We just like to have fun with our family and our cousin Amare. I know he has a genetic condition. I like hanging out with him just the same. I like hanging out just the way he is. He doesn’t seem any different.

In her desire to get some of the tumors on his face removed, Kandice launched a GoFundMe campaign. She said, “I pray that something can be done.”

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