Carrie Underwood’s Husband Reveals News That “Crushed” Him When They First Got Married—But It Turned Into the Biggest Blessing

Carrie Underwood has been wowing audiences and blowing us away since she was crowned the season 4 champ of American Idol in 2005.

In the 12 years since, Carrie met and married her now-husband, Mike Fisher, gave birth to her sweet son, Isaiah, and still manages to have the greatest legs in all the land.


Things haven’t always been smooth for the beautiful couple, given that their professions—Carrie, a country music icon, and Mike, a hockey player in the NHL—force them to live on crazy travel schedules.

Of course, when your marriage is deeply rooted Jesus Christ, He will always see you through.

In 2011, after just over a year of trying to navigate marriage and busy schedules, Mike’s general manager for the Ottawa Senators, Bryan Murray, called a meeting with him. It was his 11th season with the team, and the meeting had Mike concerned that he may be traded.

Bryan confirmed Mike’s worries—he was being traded—but the GM knew something that Mike didn’t.

“We’re so fortunate to play a game for a living, and you always know you can be moved, but it’s pretty jarring to have your entire life and your entire family change in a split second,” Mike wrote in a recent blog post by The Players’ Tribune. “I was pretty crushed.”

But what he didn’t know is that Bryan wasn’t interested in trading him because of his performance or ability to play his game well. Bryan had arranged for Mike to be traded to the Nashville Predators, in hopes that the newlyweds may be able to find some normalcy in their schedules by having the same “home base.”


The trade was obviously difficult for Mike, who had to say goodbye to the teammates who’d turned into family, but it was also an exciting new chapter, which would allow him to be close to his wife.

“I could have been going to 28 other cities, but I was actually going to Nashville, where I could finally be with my wife full-time,” Mike explained. “She has to be doing her thing in Nashville…so we had been going back and forth between Ottawa and Nashville. As a newlywed couple, it wasn’t easy. I knew I was incredibly blessed to be going to Nashville.”

Being traded to another team meant that Mike could have been moved anywhere in the country. Bryan looking out for his men the way he did for Mike was the biggest blessing the couple didn’t know they needed.


And Bryan wasn’t the only one.

“When I was packing up my stuff to go to the airport, I got a call from Eugene Melnyk, the owner of the Senators,” Mike added. “He thanked me for my time in Ottawa, and then he said something I will never, never forget: He said, ‘You know, Fish, I just wanted you to be with your wife.'”

Mike and Carrie’s families were beyond excited for the beautiful way God had lined things up for them during that crucial time in their lives. Mike’s mother sensed the presence of the Lord in all of it, and even told her son, “Maybe this is the Lord’s way of having Mike traded to Nashville so he can be with Carrie.”

Six years later, Mike is now captain of the Nashville Predators.


Carrie and the couple’s two-year-old son, Isaiah, are the Pred’s biggest fans, and Carrie even has a tendency to make regular appearances as singer of the National Anthem.


Their testimony is proof that even when we can’t see a way for things to work, or we fear the future, God WILL move mountains for His children. It’s such a beautiful reminder of the Lord’s promises to us.

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