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When Fame Doesn’t Mean Clean: Unveiling the Surprising Hygiene Habits of 26 Celebrities

Explore how 26 famous figures defy conventional cleanliness norms with their unique hygiene habits. From skipping showers to unconventional oral care, explore the personal choices that challenge societal expectations and influence public perceptions.

The Day My Daughter Needed Me…But I Was Just One Minute Too Late

“I wonder what it is she needs my help with now. I wish she could just start to do some stuff on her own so I could get a little more done around here,” I thought to myself.

Privileged Paths: 20 Celebrities Who Were Born into Wealthy Families

Explore our intriguing list of 20 celebrities from wealthy families, offering them unique advantages in their journeys to fame. Discover how their backgrounds impacted their careers in film, television, and music.

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Matthew McConaughey Reveals How His Favorite Bible Verse Influenced the Name of His Son

“We find out he’s a boy when he’s born. You’re not thinking about the name, right? An hour later, the doctor comes up and he hands you that card to fill out: ‘Blank was born at 6:22 p.m."

See How Dolly Parton Responds to Skeptics ‘Surprised’ By Her Outspoken Faith

“People say, ‘Well, I am surprised that you talk about your faith.’"

Luke Bryan Reveals How the Sudden Death of His Brother Drove Him to God

"The losses gave me such a deep perspective of life; how tough it can get at any second. You question it every day."

Kevin Bacon Surprises Students at High School Where ‘Footloose’ Was Filmed — Announces He’s Visiting Them for Prom

After some very serious lobbying from students at Payson High School in Payson, Utah, where “Footloose” was filmed, Kevin Bacon announced Friday that he would be returning to the high school for this year’s senior prom. 

Steve Harvey’s Epic Introduction of Jesus Christ Gets Standing Ovation From Secular Audience

An overwhelmed Steve Harvey broke down in tears at the end of the most powerful 2-minute intro you'll ever hear.

Teen Photoshops Ryan Reynolds Over Ex-Boyfriend—Reynold’s Response Ignites Hysterical Chain Reaction

Nothing says high school romance more than a relationship measured in months and scrambling to find a date to the prom.  Eighteen-year-old Gabi Dunn and...

Savannah Guthrie’s Faith Journey Revealed in New Book, ‘Mostly What God Does’

Savannah Guthrie, renowned journalist and co-anchor of NBC's "Today" show, has recently taken a leap of faith with her new book, Mostly What God Does, Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere.

Carrie Underwood Unveiled: The Power of Christian Faith in Her Chart-Topping Hits

Explore the journey of Carrie Underwood as a Christian artist, blending her deep faith with her musical talent to inspire a generation. Discover how her songs of faith, hope, and love transcend boundaries, making her a beacon of Christian artistry in contemporary music.