“Throw Your Legalism Out the Window”: Candace Cameron Bure Calls Out Christians With Powerful Facebook Post

With so much negativity and hate being passed around social media, we know we can always count on Candace Cameron Bure to bring some solid #Truth to our day.


The television personality took to Facebook on Monday to share her thoughts on what it really means to love one another the way Jesus has loved us.

“Christian women and men, we are called to love God with all our hearts, keep our eyes focused on Jesus and share the good news. And through the in-between we call life, we are called to love one another, like Jesus loves us.”

Candace explains early on in the post that she’s in the process of writing her fourth trade book about “keeping it classy,” and the comments that float around social media is her inspiration.

She boldly goes on to call upon every person who calls themselves a Christian to take a hard look in the mirror, and refrain from judgement and legalism.

“Throw your legalism out the window for a just a second and ask yourself if your words or actions come from a place of humility, compassion, empathy, insight, understanding, truthfulness and love. Take your list and check off those attributes before you go pointing fingers at one another in the name of Jesus and being a better Christian than your neighbor.”

In true Daughter-of-the-King fashion, Candace closes the Facebook post with an encouragement to every brother and sister out there:

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“And to those who understand, continue being kind and gracious to those who don’t.”

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