Car Crashes Through Store & Runs Over 12-Yr-Old. 12 Days Later, Mom Sends the Message We ALL Need Today

On April 29, Meghann Guentensberger and her 12-year-old daughter, Rylie, were shopping at a running store in Parker, Colorado, when a vehicle crashed through the store and critically injured Rylie.

Meghann Guentensberger

She was flown by helicopter to Denver Children’s hospital where doctors and medical staff have been carefully monitoring the swelling on Rylie’s brain.

For any parent, it’s hard to imagine not being able to help your child. For Meghann, it’s been no different.

On Monday, the #StrongMom posted on the Rally for Rylie Facebook page about a sweet moment that she was able to share with her daughter—who’s been heavily sedated and in a deep sleep for nearly two weeks.

“Today I got to help one of Rylie’s nurses with her hair. It has been a topic of conversation amongst many of the nurses and it was getting a little wild.”

Rally for Rylie

“While it seems somewhat mundane, it was a beautiful moment for me. A moment where I got to connect with my daughter and feel useful for her again. All of this waiting, and watching others care for her has been challenging. So this was kind of a big deal.”

Meghann says that the last 12 days of watching their daughter literally fight for her life has taught her and her husband something that she wants all parents to know.

“This whole incident has forced Ziggy and I to hit pause on our life. It has helped us to see what really matters. There is nothing more important than reaching out and truly treasuring the people around you.”

Then, from Rylie’s hospital room, Meghann urged everyone who sees the post to do something “in Rylie’s honor.” Her hope is that it will remind others to slow down and cherish the beautiful things that we tend to overlook.

  • “Hug your child(ren), look them in the eye and tell them something you love about them.
  • Pause and listen to your spouse when he/she talks about their day—don’t multi-task and only half pay attention.
  • Smile at a stranger in the elevator.
  • Notice the smell of the lilacs as you run past them.
  • Take a moment to check in and take care of yourself.
  • Say ‘thank you’ to someone that paused long enough to open a door or smile at you across the room.
  • Hit pause on your own life and take a moment to consciously recognize someone in your life for the mundane things you appreciate about them.”

It’s been 12 days since the Guentensberger’s have “heard Rylie’s laugh and seen her smile.” But we know that our God is a God of miracles, and her fight is far from over.

Rally for Rylie

Rylie’s situation is a scary one, and many of us can’t imagine what Meghann and Ziggy are experiencing as parents. But it’s beautiful to see how God can use even the smallest things—like braiding Rylie’s hair—to remind us of His goodness, His faithfulness and of the love He has for ALL of his children.

Even in the midst of darkness, He is still God. And He is good.

The family’s community has shown an outpouring of support in praying, funding and rallying for Rylie. If you feel led to join the rally, you can visit their donation page for more information.

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